Goguma Green Smoothie

To be honest, I actually was never really in the smoothie hype. I can blame it partly to my grandma. Whenever I stay at my grandparents house when I visit them during the summer, my grandmother makes a “health” smoothie daily without fail. I appreciate that she takes the time to wake up 20 minutes... Continue Reading →

Matcha Heart Cake

I finally made a birthday cake from scratch. Its a green tea cake with green tea cream cheese frosting. Plus, it has strawberries on top. What's not to like? 🙂 For the green tea cake, I followed this recipe. I baked the cake in a rectangular pan, and then cut out two hearts using a... Continue Reading →

My Top 3 Favorite Health YouTubers

It’s a true but embarrassing fact that I can spend hours on YouTube. However, one of my most used excuses for watching YouTube videos is that they are informative, at least in the health realm. So here are a few of my top favorite health YouTube channels. 1.This Girl Audra | I love this YouTube... Continue Reading →

What I Ate for Breakfast Friday

Breakfast can get boring sometimes. I mean, it's pretty much the same food everyday: scrambled eggs with mushrooms and spinach, vanilla yogurt with granola and banana and almond milk. I even have this breakfast on the weekends. And yes, maybe it's my fault for not experimenting more. I used to make chia seed puddings and... Continue Reading →

How to Read Nutrition Labels + My Tips

Even though I eat wholesome, unprocessed foods most of the time, I still from time to time eat processed and packaged foods. And truth be told, if you’re savvy and eat the right processed and packaged foods, they’re not too bad for you. With all that being said, here is the skinny on reading nutrition... Continue Reading →

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