Drinking More Water

Drinking More Water

Confession time. I used to be horrible at drinking water. I was so bad at drinking water that I would never have to go to the bathroom for the whole school day. I would drink a glass of water before I left home for school and drank the second glass of water when I got back home.


Now to a lot my friends, even Serena, this might be a surprise since I carry my water bottle everywhere. And not just any water bottle, but my huge 40 fl. Oz Hydroflask. I refill it about twice a day, meaning I drink around 80 fl. Oz of water or 2 Liters a day. Let me tell you, the differences are amazing, I have experienced them first hand.


Here the differences that I felt:

  • Helps me feel more energized | When I find myself sleepy and tired while I’m doing my homework or sitting in class, drinking a sip of water refreshes me.
  • Helps my skin look clearer | I can definitely attest to this. After drinking water religiously this summer, my skin looked immensely clear.
  • Prevents constipation | I was always jealous of my dad who would do go to the bathroom every morning after he woke up and did his #2. For me, the time was always varied and sometimes I would encounter major constipations. However, once I started drinking lots of water, my “pooping” (excuse my candidness) schedule has been a lot more regular.
  • Enhances my performance | I can definitely tell you as a track runner, drinking lots of water is CRUCIAL to your performance. There’s nothing worse than feeling dehydrated and dryness in your mouth while running your race.


Now, I understand that it’s hard to drink lots of water suddenly – here are my tips:

  • Drink water the minute you wake up. | This is a habit that I’ve done before my “I need to drink more water” realization. My mom and maternal grandmother always had me drink a glass of water 30 minutes before breakfast. They say that it helps my body start moving in the morning and they’re definitely right.
  • Buy and carry around a cute water bottle. | I personally don’t get any motivation to drink water when it’s in those Deer Park plastic bottles. Also, plastic bottles are bad for the environment so invest in your health and the environment and buy yourself a water bottle. I personally love CamelBaks (these are so fun to suck on and great for runners because you don’t have to stop in order to sip) and HydroFlasks (great for insulating both cold and hot), but I know the S’well and bkr water bottles have been in the rage recently.
  • Put lemon in your water | Restaurants do this for a reason. Adding lemon in your water adds more taste to the “bland” water. Also, there are a lot of health benefits to adding lemon into your water. Healthy and tasty!


How much water do you drink in a day?



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