Life Update! Finally Home…

It pains me to realize that I haven't posted on the blog since July 30, almost a month! However, I am finally back from my traveling and I have a lot to tell you! First, I did promise to post a series about my trip to Ontario, Canada and Vermont, I still intend on doing... Continue Reading →

Lately Obsessed #2

This week has been a bit more low-key but nevertheless crazy week. I’m heading back to boarding school next Saturday so our family is in get ready mode (read: creating lists of what we need to buy, but not really going out and getting those things … does anybody else do that?). The weather’s been... Continue Reading →

And then there was rest…

As much as I want to advocate and encourage people to workout and exercise, that comes in moderation, because too much of even exercising can be harmful.   I describe myself as a Type-A, workaholic, and driven person. Now, while these characteristics may seem positive (that it may seem like I’m bragging), they can really... Continue Reading →

Girls, oh, girls

I was planning for another post today, however, after an incident this past weekend, I decided without a second thought that I wanted to share something serious but oh so relevant in this world today. My two cousins (9 year old and 4 year old) from North Carolina visited my family this past weekend. They... Continue Reading →

3-minute Muesli Recipe

I shared a few days about how I tried muesli for the first time and LOVED it. I’m such a creature of habit that I relied on my oatmeal every morning. But of course, when oatmeal ran out, I started panic attacking but my mom saved the day by mixing granola and almond milk. Just... Continue Reading →

Lately Obsessed #1

“Lately Obsessed.” I’m hoping to start a mini-series on my blog where every Wednesday (where the first post is already a day late…) I share my favorites, my obsessions, or anything under my radar. Hopefully I can maintain this throughout the school year. I wanted to start this series because this week, I’ve been completely... Continue Reading →

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