Eating Smart with a Busy Schedule

It's been a couple weeks since school started, and I'm already experiencing the stresses of classes. The amount of homework, tests, and papers is overwhelming, and it's difficult to maintain healthy eating habits. The thing that hurts me the most is definitely midnight smacking. Admittedly, food can be my way of relieving stress-at least temporarily. ... Continue Reading →

Study Snacks from Home

Not only am a pretty passionate foodie, I’m a passionate snacker. Sitting in class all day long, hauling my massively heavy backpack around campus, plus studying well into the late late night, means I need something to nibble on to keep me energized and efficient. And of course, hangry is never a state that you... Continue Reading →

Canada Part 4: Quebec City

Check out Canada Part 1,2, and 3. This is the last in the series 😉 On the second day at Quebec City, we took a bus tour and visited the Old Port Market, Plains of Abraham, and Old Quebec.  I finally bought some Canadian maple syrup! It may seem touristy, but I thought the syrup... Continue Reading →

How to Avoid the Freshmen 15

Staying healthy in college is a major concern for those heading to college. While the Freshmen 15 may be a haunting threat to many, there are easy changes you can implement into your routine or tips you can keep in mind that might keep those extra 15 (or even more) pounds off. Now, I do... Continue Reading →

Stretching 101

Happy Labor Day!   I hope that through the long weekend, you’ll be getting some much needed r&r. With rest in mind, I wanted to talk about the importance of giving our physical bodies rest: stretching.   I’m sure we can all relate that we hated/still hate the dynamic warmup and cool down stretch before... Continue Reading →

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