What does “moderation” mean anyway?

While some go completely cold turkey for their eating regime, as someone who has restricted themselves with eating 1,200 calories a day and then eventually yo-yo dieting, I personally think that moderation is key. I know this produces frustration from some of you guys as you (and myself included) want a definitive answer of how... Continue Reading →

Relax & Refresh

Sometimes, you just need a couple hours to yourself. School or work might have been overwhelming, you might have issues occurring in your relationships, or maybe you just had a grueling week and want to reward yourself. Regardless, in my experience, relaxing and refreshing can be very effective in productivity and feeling a sense of well... Continue Reading →

Importance of Sleep

This week has been a crazy one. For six days in a row, I’ve gotten consistently 6.5 hours of sleep or less. Sophomore year has definitely taken a toll on me. I stay up late for homework and wake up early to finish that same homework. I’ve been so sleep deprived that this Wednesday, I... Continue Reading →

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