My Number One Weight Loss/Maintenance Tip

My Number One Weight Loss/Maintenance Tip

Just this past weekend was Parents’ Weekend so Serena and I got a much deserved long weekend and quality time with our parents!

Coming back home, I stepped on the scale on Saturday morning as the morning before I left for school around 50 days ago, I weighed myself to see how well I would be able to maintain (or even lose!) a couple of pounds.

Much to my surprise, I maintained my weight! While I am a huge proponent of fitness (I’m currently on crutches now due to an injury and am just dying to go on a run!), I think weight wise, diet is key.

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And my number one tip to either maintain weight or to lose weight naturally is simply this: EAT SLOWER. Yep. Simply eating slower. No junk food/processed food elimination, no certain diet, just eating slower.

Now, I am a pretty fast eater. So much so that as a kid (and occasionally even now)  I would get massive stomach gas. This happens when you eat fast that you swallow air along with your food and creates “gas” in your stomach. Read: a lot of farting hours after finishing a meal.

However, I’ve had a couple of slow eating friends (that to be honest, when I was young, I thought were annoying because we would have to wait for them before we could resume our game of tag or whatnot). And if it was coincidence or not, they were all slim. This includes my all-time fave, Serena.

I think the art of eating slowly allows you to be really in tune with your body. When you’re eating fast, you’re not eating for fullness, but you’re eating for your tastebud’s satisfaction. And we’ve all heard of the phrase “Eat with your stomach, not with your eyes.” As someone who has eaten fast for 15 years of her life, I can attest to the “Eating with your stomach.”

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However, when you’re eating slower, it’s harder to force yourself to eat more when you’re full. You are much more cognizant and aware of feeling full that you feel obligated to stop eating, whereas, when you are eating fast, you don’t recognize that full feeling and stop eating until you are physically full (i.e. you have to unbutton your jeans).

So for any of those fast eaters out there, together with me, let’s try to make ourselves a goal. We will eat slower. We will place our forks down between each bite. We will talk more with the people sitting with us. We will NOT be the first ones to finish, but near the last ones to finish (sorry Serena, I don’t think I can eat slower than you … love ya!)

Do any of you guys have a problem with fast eating?



5 thoughts on “My Number One Weight Loss/Maintenance Tip

  1. Hahaha, like you Stephanie, I eat really fast as well, finishing my food in a matter of secs…it’s that bad! I do understand the power of slow eating. From the physical benefits you mentioned, to the mindfulness of your food, feeling grateful for a meal most don’t have. So ya, slow eating does a lot for our physical and mind, and I will take up this journey with you.

    Cheer to slow eating,
    Betty 🙂


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