Healthy Skin 101

We all want clear skin. Not only that, we want glowing, vibrant, and acne-free skin. And while not the complete cure/solution, our diet and our lifestyle affects a good portion of our skin. Here are a few tips and tricks on getting clearer skin, tips and tricks that are all in your control! 1. Drink... Continue Reading →


Okay, I'm not one to gush about someone/something, but for my friend Serena (the one who runs the other half of the blog), I think I need to make an exception. Long story short, Serena and I met over our obsession for healthy foods. As freshmen in boarding school, we as well as the rest of... Continue Reading →

Winter Roasted Veggie Bowl

After seeing hundreds of amazing looking roasted veggie bowls on Instagram, I have been craving a good one for the last couple weeks. Well, I finally got to making one this weekend and it was sooo satisfying! Honestly, you can put anything in roast veggie bowls. Potatoes, squash, mushrooms, cucumbers, tofu, the possibilities are endless!... Continue Reading →

25 Facts about Stephanie

Truth: I was brainstorming about what to write last night at 11:30pm. I couldn't think of much and wanted to sleep soon so I decided to do a 25 facts about me. While this is a usually deviation from what i usually post, I'll try to talk about health and nutrition things generally.  I am... Continue Reading →

Stop Moralizing Your Food Choices

"Oh, that food is really healthy and good for you." "That food is really bad and fattening, don't eat that if you don't want to be fat." I'm sure we've either heard something similar to this or we've thought them ourselves. Today, I want to talk about on no longer moralizing your food choices. It's... Continue Reading →

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