Small Change, Big Gain

Small Change, Big Gain

A couple of weeks ago, I shared my Tried & True Wellness Tips over on the blog. The central idea of that post was that while these tips are not life-changing, consistent practice and application of them will produce great results.

To be honest, this has been my mantra ever since I naively lost 40 lbs. in the course of two months and then gained it back again. I realized the importance of sustainable healthy practices, not extreme ones. Here is one of favorite posts that talk about this small change, big gain theme: How small steps (literally) can change your life

So you can imagine my excitement when Elysium Health included my advice in a graphic they created with this same theme! I’ve been perusing their website recently and I love reading their research and mission. They’ve also released an NAD+ supplement called Basis—it’s some really interesting stuff.

I loved the graphic so much that I decided to share it on the blog!


Aren’t these great tips?

Hope you can use these small tips to create a big gain in your week!

What small change are you going to implement this week?



Thank you for Elysium Health for creating this awesome graphic.

4 thoughts on “Small Change, Big Gain

  1. Thanks, Stephanie! Trurth be told, I am struggling when it comes to eating right I really wanted to eat healthy and reading your post today made me want to pursue it. I have a question, is oatmeal a better substitute for rice? I dont have an access to some of the ingredients that you post (much as I love to prepare them) My plan now is to eat rice during lunch time and oatmeal + fruits at night. I work at night, btw 🙂 Do you have any easy healthy meals/recipes for someone like me? More power and thanks for your informative posts 🙂

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    1. Hi! Ah thanks for stopping by the blog! I always love having you around. 🙂 I’m so glad that this post inspired you to eat healthier! That’s my main goal in the blog – to not impose anything but to inspire and educate people about how to live a more sustainable and healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle! I would say that both are good carb options (given that you choose brown rice). However, oatmeal has a lower GI index meaning it doesn’t raise your blood sugar as much as rice would. However, both oatmeal and brown rice are complex carbs so you couldn’t go wrong with either choice! I love eating overnight oats in the morning for breakfast, but I definitely can’t pass up for a steamy and sticky bowl of rice at dinner! We definitely have easy healthy/meals/recipes in the schedule, but right now, you can check our recipes out in the recipe section of the blog. Even if my day gets hectic, I always make sure to get in one bowl of salad/one bowl of fruit every day. Thanks for all your support and can’t wait to see you around the blog more! xoxo Steph

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      1. Thanks, Steph! I am on my fourth day of not eating rice at night. Although I know it takes a lot of discipline because I tend to have a bite of chocolate ( couldn’t help it!) and we had a meeting last night where pizza and chicken were served.

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