Does a juice cleanse really work?

Does a juice cleanse really work?

The juice cleanse diet is among one of the popular diets I’ve heard of. Juice cleanses are a type of detox diet that involves only consuming liquids (squeezed from a mixture of fruits and vegetables) and not consuming any food. I’ve never had the urge to try one as I need the chewing aspect and constantly just drinking liquids doesn’t really appeal to me.

However, I’ve been asked this question multiple times from several of my friends: a) Do juice cleanses work? and b) Are they healthy for you?


Unfortunately, I get asked the first question much more than the latter question, showing that many people would rather choose a diet’s result than its actual consequence on their health.

But here are a few pointers about juice cleanses:

  • While many think that drinking a high quantity of fruits and vegetables squeezed into a bottle of juice is healthy, juices fail to include fiber.
    • Juicing discards the fiber filled pulp of the fruit. Fiber is essential for good bowel movement, low cholesterol levels and low blood levels.
  • With no fiber, the percentage of sugar in juices is alarmingly high.
    •  At its core, fruits are natural sugars. And while natural sugar is great and all, sugar is sugar. Drinking too much natural sugar can cause high blood levels and high cholesterol.
  • Most of the time, these juices lack protein
    • Few fruits and vegetables have a significant amount of protein for your body. Without enough protein, your body cannot build nor repair tissues, making your daily workouts not as effective as they can be.
  • A short term fix
    • This is something I touched upon the other day, but short term health fixes will give you the material results, but will never make you feel good. Perhaps you’ll lose a few pounds from the (cough cough expensive) juice cleanse diet, but ultimately, you won’t feel fulfilled and free. This diet is unsustainable and something that requires a lot of brute force which in the long-term won’t help you. You can easily relapse back into your old habits and thus relapse back into your old body.

I hope this short post helped to clarify any confusions or questions about juice cleanses. If you haven’t caught on yet, I’m quite against them as they are unnatural and unsustainable. But of course, as always, all opinions are completely of my own and you are free to decide what you want to do with your body. 🙂

What are your thoughts on juice cleanses?



Links to sources if you are interested in reading more in-depth:

25 Facts about Stephanie

25 Facts about Stephanie

Truth: I was brainstorming about what to write last night at 11:30pm. I couldn’t think of much and wanted to sleep soon so I decided to do a 25 facts about me. While this is a usually deviation from what i usually post, I’ll try to talk about health and nutrition things generally. 


  1. I am Korean-American (if you haven’t sensed already from all the Korean food I eat)
  2. In terms of fruit, I love avocados, durian, watermelon, peach, nectarine, orange, mango and blueberries 
  3. In terms of vegetables, I love Chinese eggplant, sweet potato, Korean/Japanese sweet potato, steamed broccoli, Brussels sprouts
  4. Other random food items I love: yogurt, almonds, walnuts, pecans, pomegranate, sushi, steak, a well toasted bread, almond milk
  5. I am not athletic. At all. 
  6. I used to play basketball and tennis. 
  7. However, I prefer to run, do yoga and swim. 
  8. I drink LOTS of water and green tea. 
  9. I sleep on average 6-6.5 hours ok average a night. Need to work on this. 
  10. I am an organized freak. I plan my day to the minute, I have a hard copy study planner that is color coded, I have a color coded iCal, I (usually) have an organized room. 
  11. My favorite running outfit for the winter are my lululemon leggings/Nike legendary leggings plus my new lululemon swift tech long sleeve and asics running shoes
  12. I HATE weight lifting
  13. I always stretch before going to bed – usually a hamstring and quad stretch
  14. I am currently trying to work on my posture and have my chest and legs 90 degrees
  15. I’ve lost 20lbs over the course of three months naively the summer before high school because I thought I was fatter than all my friends. 
  16. I love watching what I eat in a day videos, or sitting with my grandma in the morning while I visiting Korea watching tv shows that talk about the best superfoods, best exercises, best healthy practices. 
  17. The one thing I hate about traveling is the airplane food. Although Korean air’s food is it that bad. 
  18. My mom banned juice in the house when I was in fourth grade so our family could be healthier. 
  19. My mom also banned me from eating peanut butter. 
  20. My mom never let me eat cup ramen. We had no instant ramen at home. In my life time so far, I’ve had ramen THREE times only. 
  21. In my childhood, my breakfast was the Cinnamon Toast Crunch from Panera. 
  22. I never drink milk while growing up because my mom did it trust even the organic mills that they did NOT use hormones for their cows. (Yeah, my mom’s a pretty big health freak too). 
  23. I hate mint anything. Mint chocolate chip ice cream, mint tea, mint … anything
  24. The same goes for chocolate. It’s just too sweet. So no chocolate bars, no chocolate cakes, no chocolate ice cream for me. 
  25. I started this blog with serena during our 2015 thanksgiving break. And I’ve been loving every second of it! Thanks for all the love ad support!

Do you have any things in common with me?