Relax & Refresh

Relax & Refresh

Sometimes, you just need a couple hours to yourself. School or work might have been overwhelming, you might have issues occurring in your relationships, or maybe you just had a grueling week and want to reward yourself. Regardless, in my experience, relaxing and refreshing can be very effective in productivity and feeling a sense of well being. Here are some of the things that I have done in the past to pamper myself!

1.) Hike or take a walk in nature. Even sitting in nature and taking it all in clears my head and makes me feel better.

Views from an awesome hike
Acai Pomegranate Bubble tea

2.) Go out to eat. Yes, sometimes food can be a wonderful reward! This past weekend, I went to a restaurant called Asian Bistro to have delicious hot stone bibimbap, and then I also had lunch at a Japanese restaurant where I had avocado sushi. For snack, I got myself a raisin croissant and an acai pomegranate bubble tea. Everything was so delicious and I felt so happy afterwards!

Vegetarian bibimbap

3.) Go on a run. I’m not a big runner (especially compared to Stephanie), but running helps me “run off my stresses” and “run away from my problems”!

Views from a recent run
Custard pudding- almondy and delicious!

4.) Cook and try out a new recipe. My friend and I made egg custards together, and we had an amazing time bonding and cooking. Even if you’re cooking by yourself (as I often am), cooking is a great way to relax. Seeing and eating the final product gives me an amazing feeling. See my first ever blog post on Why I Love to Cook 🙂

5.) Hang out with your family and/or friends. Whether it’s playing board games together, watching a movie, walking around town, or just talking, being with other people makes me feel happier.

6.) Take a long shower, put on a face mask, and listen to music. Your skin will thank you and you’ll feel super refreshed!

7.) Take a half-day trip by visiting a farm, going to the city (if there’s a city near you), visiting a museum, going to a flea market, or something else.

Farm trip
KALE Heaven

8.) Try something thrilling-like white-water kayaking, or rock climbing 🙂

9.) Take a nap-cause sleep is amazing and I can never get enough of it!

Now that I’ve shared my tips, I hope you feel super inspired.

In the words of my mom: “Work hard, play hard!”



Five (Healthy) Snow Day Activities

Five (Healthy) Snow Day Activities

I was quite worried when I was experiencing 70 degree Fahrenheit weather during December this past year. And when I mean by worried, I was worried. Whenever my mouth opened, it would go something along the lines like this: “Can you believe how warm it is? It’s practically spring?!” to “We’re doomed. Global warming has seriously happened and I’m not going to live past 50.”

So imagine my reaction when I heard that we (those in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic) would be hit with a major blizzard this weekend. I actually was in denial that the blizzard would never come and only several inches of snow would fall. Well, lo and behold, I was wrong! I’ve practically stayed inside for the whole weekend, doing work and relaxing. However, as much as I love snow days and movie marathons, hot chocolate and pajamas that accompany it, I hate being lazy. Many of my friends know that I hate being lazy – my body does not know the concept of sleeping in. For me, waking up late means waking up at 7:30am – I know it’s bizarre, but it’s true when people say there are internal clocks.

Being the productive, Type-A girl I am, I decided to round about five things that I’d like to do on snow days that leaves me feeling fresh, lively, and of course, productive.


  1. Y O G A | Being part of a sport all three seasons long, (currently for winter season, indoor track) I never get the time to be active from something that isn’t mandatory. I have sports practice 6 days a week for two hours each day, so I take my day off (Sunday) very seriously. I used to do a lot of yoga during the summer when the only active thing I did was three hours of tennis for five days a week (trust me, three hours of tennis five days a week compared to running on average 5 miles a day is N.O.T.H.I.N.G.). Anyways, assuming you can’t go out on a run or even drive to the gym, I definitely recommend taking advantage of this time to practice your inner-yogi.
  2. T E A | This isn’t to say to go on a tea detox (which I just do not believe in), but there’s nothing better than cuddling up with a nice hot cup of (decaffeinated) tea. And when I mean tea, I mean tea. It’s not tea or some other hot beverage. Now you may argue about hot chocolate because the cacao from the chocolate is healthy for you. However, while hot chocolate is supposedly made out of chocolate, let’s be honest. We know there’s a lot more things in that hot chocolate mix than cacao. So just stick with a cup of tea – they actually don’t taste that bad.
  3. O R G A N I Z E | What better time to clean your house or room when you’re stuck inside? Blast on some music and start cleaning! Bonus: you’ll burn some calories by doing so.
  4. C O O K | Now I’m not a cook myself (although I’m trying hard this year to start cooking – hopefully having Serena around will bring enough motivation 🙂 ), but there’s something about having the oven going on a cold winter day. If you’re lost on what to cook, I recommend trying out these vegan blueberry scones.
  5. R E A D | Now you may argue that this is a “lazy” activity, however, mental health is just as important as physical health, right? Personally for me, reading is my refresh/reset button. It helps me clear away all my anxiety and stress. So if your stress reliever is reading like me, go read a book. Even if it isn’t, I still recommend reading. It doesn’t have to be a classic or an “impressive” book. Just pick something that piques your interest. Whether that be young adult Romance books, graphic novels, to a Shakespeare play in Old English which I seriously cannot read/understand without some translation.

What do you like to do on snow days? 

xoxo, Stephanie