Thanksgiving No-No’s

Thanksgiving No-No’s

Thanksgiving is in a few days but it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice healthy eating and all the progress you’ve made to spend quality time with friends and family. You can do both — eat relatively healthy and catch up with family. Make this Thanksgiving a Thanksgiving where you do NOT have to unbutton your pants.

Here are some tips for Thanksgiving: what to watch out for and what to do.

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While people think it’s a smart idea to starve or eat barely anything before the Thanksgiving dinner, by not eating anything, you’re making your blood sugar levels really low. And when your blood sugar levels drop, you lose the ability to control what you eat. Not only do you lose control but you crave calorie-laden foods. This means that when you get to the Thanksgiving dinner you’re going to eat everything and anything in sight. So, do yourself a favor and eat a balanced and light breakfast and lunch.

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Not only does getting some exercise burn off those calories you’re going to be eating, but in addition, exercise balances out your hormones, so you don’t get crazy cravings from your hormones. Balance out your body both internally and externally with exercise.

An additional tip: do your exercise with your family member. Either go out on a walk with the whole gang around the neighborhood, catch up while going on an easy run, hit some tennis balls, or go out to the golf course.



Instead of gulping down your food (because you’re ravenous from not eating all day …), savor your food and set down your fork between each bite. Make sure to actually use Thanksgiving dinner to catch up with your family and friends. One way to do this is to pick a slow eater in the table and make sure you finish around the same time or even slower than them! Trust me, the slow eating will not only help with the social aspect of Thanksgiving, but the weight aspect of Thanksgiving.

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Yes, yes, I know, the turkey skin is the best part of the turkey. However, that thin sliver is worth a lot of calories and fat (not the good kind). Do yourself a favor and eat the turkey meat NOT the turkey skin.

Or tea…


Drinking lots of water will help you differentiate between thirst and hunger but also help you feel full faster. While apple cider is tempting, try to stick with water throughout the meal and sip on it often in between bites. Drinking water will also help with the bloating the morning after the Thanksgiving dinner.



Regardless of all these tips, make sure your FIRST priority is to spend quality time with friends and family. Get into those spontaneous laughter and snuggly hugs. And of course, officially ring in the holiday season!

What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?



My “Athletic” Experience

My “Athletic” Experience

I am athletic … not.

After moving to a new high school I had the blessing and the curse to “remake” myself. The idea that no one knew who I was in the past was exciting yet daunting. The bad side of this “remaking” process is that my new friends think that I’m athletic because I love fitness and working out. However, this is far from the truth. I. AM. NOT. ATHLETIC. AT. ALL. PERIOD.  During elementary school, many us will remember the horrors of P.E. I still remember that every year, when I brought home my report card, for my P.E. class, I would only get “Outstanding” (the highest grade) for the category:  listening to directions. #embarrassingchildhoodmemories

Out of many trials and errors (and multiple breakdowns after games lost), I discovered I am not a team sports kind of gal. Team sports meaning soccer, basketball, lacrosse, or any of those sort. I also don’t do well with aggressive sports either. And it happens to be that all team sports are aggressive, so I decided that team sports and I will never be a good mix. I remember being the tallest girl on my club basketball team and getting reprimanded by my coach before and after every game to be aggressive and get those rebounds. Yeah, that never happened. #sorrynotsorry


However, with all that being said, my mom encouraged me to be active and signed me up for an after-school running program called Girls on the Run, hoping I would enjoy running at the very least. Looking back now, I think I hated all 5 of the seasons. Nevertheless, Girls on the Run helped cultivate my love now for running (this is message to everyone including me: listen to your parents). Soon after, I joined the track team for both seventh and eighth grade and tried out and got in the indoor track team as a freshman. Serena knows this better than anyone, but I suffer from huge anxiety about track. It’s always been haunting me since seventh grade and it’s my lifelong goal to stop worrying so much about it (actually, this indoor track season I’ve gotten so much better at handling pre-race anxiety, if any of you are interested, comment down below so I can blog about it in the future!).


Anyways, the point of today’s blog post was to show that being athletic and healthy have nothing to do with each other. I was, am and never will be an athletic person. However, this should never stop someone from being active and pursuing a healthy lifestyle. With my past experience in struggling to find an activity I loved, I really urge everyone to find something that they love. I wasn’t initially fond of yoga because I knew that it was low calorie burner, I only wanted to participate in a sport that burned a lot calories. Nevertheless, I found myself loving and craving yoga –  I practiced yoga everyday because doing it wasn’t much of a chore but a hobby. If you really want to be technical, practicing yoga five times a week is going to burn a lot more calories than going on an intense and miserable run once a month.


So if you find yourself getting off track on your New Year’s Resolutions in terms of fitness, I seriously recommend reevaluating whether or not what you’re doing for fitness is enjoyable to you. If not, change it to something enjoyable, as simple as 30 minute walk outside. It’s that simple.


What’s your experience with sports?

xoxo, Stephanie


P.S. : Being that this is the start of February, I wanted to update everyone on how well I did on my January “balance” goal. I stated underneath January that my goals were to: Create balance in school. Create balance with food. Create balance with play and work. Create balance with your stress levels. Create balance with extracurriculars. I feel somewhat selfish saying this, but I achieved this goal. It’s weird, I feel strange that I accomplished my one of my 2016 resolutions. I mean the intention of New Year’s Resolutions are to get them accomplished, but we associate these resolutions as short-living that it’s rare to see one accomplish their resolutions.


After going back to school after winter break, I definitely gave myself more time to relax. It’s easy for me to get caught up in a whirlwind of work, however, this month I was strict on myself and tried to relax all these “rules” and “guidelines” I set for myself. For the first time since fourth grade, I let myself watch a TV show during the school year (I only allowed myself to watch TV shows during the summer or school breaks). For the first time since my weight loss and health journey, which started early 2015, I let myself eat whatever my body craved – no matter how “bad” that food was. I forgave myself when I ate too much on a certain day because I knew that I could better the next day.


However, the biggest achievement was when I created balance with my extracurriculars. Serena and I were and are struggling to find balance with our extracurriculars – how to be involved yet maintain sanity. This month, I let go of some of the school clubs I was in and found myself with at least one night a week free. While this free night was used to catch up on my homework, mentally, having no definite obligation every.single.night. was reassuring.


I can’t wait to maintain this “balance” mindset while starting my new goal for February which is centered around love (obviously). The mantra for February is: Love yourself. Love others by showing patience, understanding. Reach out to old childhood friends. Pray for friends. Obey your parents. Wish me luck!